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Shanke intelligent helps digital water supply - Yiwu "Zhishui home" is the first online in the province!

Date:2021-10-20 Author:SECK View:0

The distribution of pipelines in the community is complex, the residents do not understand the water quality and pressure in the community, and their daily water volume is not clear... How to achieve a breakthrough from reassurance to ease and comfort?

In September, Shanke intelligent went online in Danxi community and Xiuhu apartment in Yiwu, the province's first "smart water home" management system. The online "smart water home" management system integrates the functions of unified information integration, grid leakage control, humanistic care, water supply and drainage safety guarantee, fine management of basic information of water supply equipment, and fast handling of water related business, so that residents can master water supply information, timely understand their own water use and handle water supply business at any time "without leaving home".

Shanke intelligent "smart water home" management system supported by high and new technologies such as Internet of things and cloud computing makes data collection standardized and basic information platform. By analyzing all kinds of water supply "small data", it provides real convenience for residents to use water.

"In the past, when we met problems such as lack of water and low water pressure at home, it was very cumbersome for us to ask the property first and then consult the water supply company. Now we can see the water pressure of the community on our mobile phone. In case of problems, we can call the police at the touch of a button, which is very convenient," said Mr. advocate of Xiuhu apartment industry.




Shanke intelligent "smart water home" management system pays attention to water supply and drainage security. All modules operate in coordination, and the positions of pipelines, fire hydrants, valves and pump rooms in the community are clearly marked in the 3D model of the community.


At the same time, the system shares the operation of each water supply facility in real time, so that the hidden dangers of water supply can be found, disposed and recovered early, so as to truly realize the "senseless intelligent operation" of water supply emergency repair. Through the "smart water home" management system, the operation of all online water supply facilities can be seen at a glance, which not only reduces the inconvenience of equipment maintenance to residents' daily water use, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of water enterprises.

"In the past, manual inspection was time-consuming and laborious, and some small hidden dangers were difficult to find. Now through the 'Zhishui home' management system, the operation of all online water supply facilities can be seen at a glance, and even small problems can be found at the first time, which not only reduces the inconvenience caused by equipment maintenance to residents' water use, but also greatly improves our work efficiency." Ren Shengli, chief of the water supply guarantee section of the municipal water supply company, said.

"Smart water home" management system pays attention to users' autonomy, convenience, participation and pre service, and is committed to improving users' water happiness index.

The system provides users with daily water monitoring. You can receive reminders of abnormal water use on the mobile phone and see the water pressure of the community. For the elderly living alone with difficulty in moving, the system has specially developed the humanistic care module to focus on monitoring the water use of such residents. This function can not only find the abnormal data in the home of special residents for the first time, but also alarm and feed back the situation to the contacts reserved in the system when the elderly living alone have not used water for a long time (family members or community workers) to prevent accidents at home for the elderly.


At the same time, "smart water home" management system uses leakage analysis model, virtual table and other technologies to intelligently identify water theft behavior and monitor the whole process of water theft and leakage.



Shanke intelligent "smart water home" The project focuses on the water safety in the last kilometer of the pipe network and the improvement of people's water happiness index. It is an extension of the future community concept in water supply and a new mode of water supply management innovation under the new situation. The city is the product of the development of human civilization, and the community is its most basic component. As the carrier for the survival and development of urban residents, its intellectualization is urban smart water Focusing on achieving the goal of urban intellectualization, Shanke intelligence is willing to contribute to the digital construction of community intelligent water affairs in the future.

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